Seattle City Budget

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Policy Lab: Tax the Filthy, Stinking Rich

Seattle has a $258 million budget deficit to solve. Mayor Bruce Harrell said he rejects notions of austerity. Good for him! I’m here to help. Let’s chart a way out of this crisis that doesn’t involve slashing services and laying off city workers.

Op-Ed: Councilmember Rivera Plans To Defund the Equitable Development Initiative

Councilmember Maritza Rivera aims to raid the money allocated to Seattle's Equitable Development Initiative. Here’s what you can do to fight this budget raid.
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Seattle Police Contract Passes Despite Limited Accountability Measures, Budget Hit

With a 24% raise and backpay, Seattle police officers are collectively earning an extra $96 million in compensation from the City in 2024. City leaders hope to spur hiring, but the contract did little to increase police accountability and blew a bigger hole in the City's quarter-billion-dollar budget deficit.
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Policy Lab: Will Last Progressive in Seattle Turn On the Lights

Seattle City Council President Sara Nelson celebrated a shift to the right and an end to "ideological experimentation." But progressives are pioneering lots of innovative ideas and should be stockpiling programs for friendlier climes. What are yours?
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Seattle Leaders Eye JumpStart Housing Funds to Close $230 Million Budget Hole

Mayor Harrell and the city council are contemplating budget cuts and raiding JumpStart payroll tax revenue to address a $230 million budget deficit. But nonprofit leaders are warning of the impact of reducing affordable housing funding.

$230 Million Deficit Hangs Over Annual Harrell Speech

In his state of the city speech Tuesday, Harrell eschewed new taxes and promised yet-to-be identified budget cuts. He pledged a long-delayed draft of the Seattle Comprehensive Plan and an incentive package for office-to-housing conversions will be released in March.
Two police SUVs are parked behind metal barricades blocking traffic from Market Street.

Op-Ed: The Seattle Police Department Has an Efficiency Problem

SPD’s refusal to offload low-priority calls is undermining its ability to solve serious crimes. Over recent decades, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) has increasingly handled...

Video: The Urbanist Seattle City Budget Workshop

Contributing Editor Ryan Packer and reporter Amy Sundberg broke down the 2024 budget proposed by Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell and set to be amended...