Police & Public Safety

The memorials along the East Precinct police station--now christened the Capitol Hill Community Center--keep growing. (Photo by Doug Trumm)

Hesitant Councilmembers Thwart ‘No New Cops’ Solidarity Budget

The Seattle City Council voted against a police officer hiring freeze yesterday, despite a strong "No New Cops" campaign from the Solidarity Budget coalition,...
An aerial photo of the South Park Bridge under construction with the Duwamish Valley in the background.

Georgetown-to-South Park Trail Will Be a Reality Thanks to Council Budget

Budget Chair Teresa Mosqueda released her rebalancing package for the 2021 budget this week with $83 million in changes to Mayor Jenny Durkan's budget...
Police hold nightsticks in full riot gear behind a metal fence as protesters march by.

Solidarity Budget Coalition Asks for Deeper SPD Cuts, No New Cops

Budget Chair Teresa Mosqueda unveiled the Seattle City Council's rebalancing package for the 2021 budget this week and laid out $83 million in changes...
Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda with colleagues Tammy Morales to right and Lorena Gonzalez and Kshama Sawant to left during election rally at Amazon Spheres. (Credit: Teresa Mosqueda)

Seattle Gets Improved Revenue Forecast, Mosqueda Prepares to Release Budget

Mayor Durkan's cut-heavy austerity budget may be history after Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda submits her counterproposal. The Seattle City Council has been digesting Mayor Jenny Durkan's...

Calls for Mayor Durkan’s Resignation Keep Coming with Recall Blocked by Court

Three official advisory commissions have asked Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign due to her mismanagement of crises around police brutality and homelessness and her...

The Patchwork City: What Gaps and Overlaps in City Boundaries Tell Us about Values

I. Those Left Out: Skyway and Bryn Mawr It is budget season. Throughout Washington, cities are creating budgets that reflect the dual impacts of pandemic...

Sunday Video: How The Next President Could Change Policing

https://youtu.be/SHePglP28CM The outcome of the election could determine the fate of policing in America. Vox explains what qualified immunity is and its vast impact on...
A large first sculture on home plate of the baseball field at Cal Anderson.

19 Black Leaders Decline Invite to Durkan’s Equitable Communities Task Force

Mayor Jenny Durkan announced the membership of her hand-picked Equitable Community task force Wednesday and prominent Black-led group like King County Equity Now and...