Police & Public Safety

Mayor Durkan with Ferris wheel and Seattle waterfront in background

Mayor’s Budget Proposes Adding 35 Cops, Skimps Elsewhere

Mayor Jenny Durkan released her budget today and sent Deputy Mayor Shefali Ranganathan to deliver brief remarks on the proposal to the Seattle City...

2022 Seattle Solidarity Budget Launches Today

With its official launch, the Seattle Solidarity Budget coalition seeks to influence decision making over the 2022 City of Seattle Budget. This weekend marks...
Police hold nightsticks in full riot gear behind a metal fence as protesters march by.

Council Rejects Pedersen’s Push for SPD Hiring and Retention Bonuses

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) has a $15 million budget surplus resulting from a high rate of officer attrition over the past two years....

Sunday Video: The Wrong Way to Set Speed Limits

https://youtu.be/bglWCuCMSWc Not Just Bikes explains how most speed limits are set on North American streets and road using the 85th Percentile technique as well as...
Two fare enforcement officers work their way toward the front of a bus after checking a few riders proof of payment.

Metro Increasing Security Officers at Transit Facilities and on Buses

King County Metro has announced plans to increase security onboard buses and at transit facilities this fall. The agency is bringing on dozens of...

Harrell Ducks Police Accountability Forum, Burgess Rides In to Attack González

Yesterday, the Seattle Community Police Commission (CPC) announced that Bruce Harrell had declined their invitation to a mayoral candidate forum on police accountability and...
Police gathered in large numbers to ensure houseless were swept and cleared in rapid fashion with no interruption from encampment residents or their allies. (Photo by Enrico Doan)

Consent Decree Judge Contemplates Police Reform under a New City Attorney

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge James Robart summoned City Attorney Pete Holmes and Court Monitor Anthony Oftelie to his courtroom to get an update...

Progressive Trend Emerging in Late Primary Election Returns

Primary results have been a Rorschach test for pundits, with moderates divining a moderate resurgence and lefties seeing progressives well-positioned. Late returns have strongly...