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Police and Public Safety

Kattle wears a blue suit and light gray beard and sits on Council dais.

Seattle Police Contract Passes Despite Limited Accountability Measures, Budget Hit

With a 24% raise and backpay, Seattle police officers are collectively earning an extra $96 million in compensation from the City in 2024. City leaders hope to spur hiring, but the contract did little to increase police accountability and blew a bigger hole in the City's quarter-billion-dollar budget deficit.

Op-Ed: Seattle Council Must Reject an Unaccountable SPOG Contract

The tentative labor contract with the Seattle Police Officers Guild fails to strengthen accountability while offering huge retroactive pay increases. With a contract that is expired as soon as it's signed, it’s difficult to understand why the City is giving up leverage in these negotiations. Council will vote to ratify the deal Tuesday.
Three officers standing around a squad car

Op-Ed: New SPOG Contract Will Kneecap Hiring (at Least of Cops We Want)

It would be a big mistake for Seattle City Council to approve the new Seattle Police Officers Guild contract because it fails to ensure Seattle is safer by promoting proactive policing and civilian alternatives for low-level calls.

Seattle Council, Mayor Not Asking the Hard Questions about Police Recruitment

City leaders are weighing laxer hiring standards rather than improving SPD's culture and accountability systems. But SPD's bad reputation could be the bigger drag on hiring – not to mention safety outcomes.
The courtyard at Midtown Square is surrounded by a 7-story apartment complex.

How King County’s Basic Income Program Could Fight Poverty and Increase Safety

Research has showed the promise of guaranteed basic income programs to interrupt the cycle of poverty, and participants in King County's pilot program told The Urbanist that it had helped them improve their circumstances.
Fire and smoke pours out of upper story windows of an old brick building with a fire crane seeking to control them.

Seattle Aims to Tamp Down Vacant Building Fires

Vacant building fires have become increasingly common in Seattle in recent years. In response to the threat that these fires can pose, Mayor Bruce...

Sunday Video: All The Ways Car Dependency Make Things Worse

Ray Delahanty of CityNerd goes through a litany of reasons why car dependency makes American society worse off from public health and environmental quality...
Three officers standing around a squad car

New Seattle Police Contract Punts on Accountability, Delivers Big 23% Raise

Mayor Harrell's contract would make Seattle police the highest paid in the region, but no more accountable. The long-awaited new proposed contract between the City...