Seattle City Council

Coucilmember Teresa Mosqueda Will Be Our Guest at February 9th Meetup

This month we are excited to be joined at our February 9th meetup from 6:15pm to 7:30pm by Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda. She was first...
Mike Solan, a white guy in a suit on the CIty Inside Out program.

Besieged and Defiant: Seattle Police Guild President Solan Defends Fascist Coup

Eight of nine Seattle City Councilmembers demanded Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) president Mike Solan's resignation on Monday, following a freewheeling week during which...

Seattle City Council Passes 2021 Budget with 18% Cut to Police Department

The war of spin is well under way to frame the outcome of a 8-1 vote setting next year's City budget. After weeks of debate,...
The memorials along the East Precinct police station--now christened the Capitol Hill Community Center--keep growing. (Photo by Doug Trumm)

Hesitant Councilmembers Thwart ‘No New Cops’ Solidarity Budget

The Seattle City Council voted against a police officer hiring freeze yesterday, despite a strong "No New Cops" campaign from the Solidarity Budget coalition,...
Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda with colleagues Tammy Morales to right and Lorena Gonzalez and Kshama Sawant to left during election rally at Amazon Spheres. (Credit: Teresa Mosqueda)

Seattle Gets Improved Revenue Forecast, Mosqueda Prepares to Release Budget

Mayor Durkan's cut-heavy austerity budget may be history after Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda submits her counterproposal. The Seattle City Council has been digesting Mayor Jenny Durkan's...
Protesters react with fists raised in solidarity as Nikkita Oliver takes the stage at City Hall on Wednesday June 3rd. (Photo by Doug Trumm)

Council Overrides Mayor Durkan’s Budget Vetoes

The veto overrides preserve $17 million for community safety programs, $3 million for participatory budgeting, and budget provisos intended to trim 100 positions from...
Protesters marching on Ballard Avenue with signs

Dear Seattle City Council: Override Mayor Durkan’s Veto and Divest from Racist Policing

Dear Seattle City Councilmembers, The Urbanist implores you to do the right thing, hold the line, and take an important step toward racial justice. The...
Mayor Durkan flanked by the American flag and Washington state flag.

Durkan Vetoes $86 Million in Covid Relief Citing Fiscal Restraint

After Mayor Jenny Durkan vetoed a Covid relief package saying it depleted the City's rainy day fund, Budget Chair Teresa Mosqueda fired back that...