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Washington State Legislature

Heroes and Zeroes of the 2024 Washington State Legislature

Check out our top ten lawmakers who distinguished themselves for good and bad from the 2024 session of the Washington State Legislature.

Join Us for Urbanist Panel Breaking Down 2024 Washington State Legislature Session

The "Year of Housing 2.0" at the state legislature yielded less progress than expected. Our March 26 virtual event will conduct an autopsy.

Year of Housing 2.0 Mostly Fizzles Out at Washington Legislature

The state's 60-day legislative session wrapped on March 7 with only a few housing bills headed to Governor Inslee's desk. Rent stabilization, transit-oriented development, lot-splitting, and a builder's remedy all failed to pass.

In Trees Vs. Parking War, Washington Just Gave Trees a Leg Up

A bill pushed by Bothell Rep. Davina Duerr and approved by the Washington legislature this week would prioritize trees when retention policies come into conflict with local parking mandates.

Washington Senate Committee Guts Popular Neighborhood Cafe Bill

A popular neighborhood cafe bill that sailed through the Washington House has run into problems in the Senate, mostly dealing with the question of local control. The Association of Washington Cities and the City of Bellevue have lobbied against the bill.

What’s in the Transit-Oriented Development Bill the WA House Just Passed

Last week, the Washington House passed HB 2160, which has the potential to open up significant areas around transit for new homes. Hurdles remain to win passage in the Senate, including objections to the bill's requirement that 10% of new units be affordable.
State representatives stand at their desks and raise their right hand to take an oath to start the 2023 session.

Rent Stabilization Backers Aim to Beat Deadline to Keep Bill Alive

Time is running out to pass rent stabilization in the state house or miss a key bill cutoff, putting off rent relief for another year. Supporters are rallying support in a last ditch effort.
The Capitol building in Olympia is marble colored and include pillars and a dome in the classic style.

State House Passes Bill Allowing Even-Year Local Elections

The Washington State House passed a bill allowing cities to move their elections to even years, when turnout is much higher. The bill still needs to pass the state senate to become law.