Saturday, 23 January, 2021
University of Washington: A Resilient Future Starts Here. Online Master of Infrastucture Management and Planning. Apply Now. With a picture of wind turbines. Cities are often compared to living organisms in how they function. Dave Amos of City Beautiful asks if this comparison and others are really apt to how cities operate. In this video short, Dave Amos of City Beautiful talks about the how the United States Census Bureau measures population and highlights an oddity of how a suburban location is considered the densest place in America.
Many manhole covers, grates, and even pavers are actually full of interesting designs. Mental Floss shared a video this week showing how they can be turned into pirate screen printers for bags and t-shirts.
Sound Transit explains how upgrading the I-90 floating bridge will be an innovative engineering first for light rail. Our own Senior Editor and Vision Zero reporter, Ryan Packer, made a recent guest appearance on Wheeltalk Seattle to talk all things bike.
In this short video, Sam Sullivan, a former Vancouver mayor and British Columbian provincial legislator, highlights some of the possible benefits that urban density can bring. Benefits that Sullivan identifies are less carbon emissions per captia, less consumption of greenfield...
[youtube] How do we mobilize our urban populations in the future? One ecological designer says: bikes In this video, Vox explores economic, social, and enviornments issues with efforts to rebuild beaches in America.