Midweek Video: Why Do People Commute By Airplane?

0 Super commuting was on the up and up prior to the pandemic. Why are people doing it, who is doing it, and what can...

Sunday Video: How Highways Make Traffic Worse

2 Vox examines how building more highways just leads to more congestion rather than solving any particular transportation problem.

Meetup Video: February 2021 with Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda

4 This month, Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda was the guest speaker at The Urbanist’s meetup. You can rewatch her discussion here.

Sunday Video: The Price of Saving Paradise

0 Bloomberg QuickTake looks at how Paradise, California may pursue conversion of forestland and vacant exurban properties destroyed by wildfires into park space to stop...

Meetup Video: January 2021 with Lid I-5

0 Lid I-5 proponents joined for January meetup to discuss results of a recent study and objectives for an I-5 lid.

Midweek Video: 15 Thing You Didn’t Know About City Planning (Probably)

0 Dave Amos rattles through 15 things in urban planning that you may not have known.

Sunday Video: America’s Worsening Homelessness Crisis

0 Bloomberg Quicktake highlights America’s growing homelessness struggles and ways that could lessen it.

Meetup Video: December 2020 with Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

0 If you missed out on our December meetup, you can rewatch it here. We had Representative Joe Fitzgibbon join as a special guest speaker...