Sunday Video: What’s The Impact of Noise on Us?

1 Vox takes a deep dive into noise and its effects on humans. As the video shows, much of the noise people experience in their...

Midweek Video: Why Some Animals Are Shrinking

0 Is climate change causing animals to get smaller? And what’s the ramifications of this?

Sunday Video: A City Split in Half

0 Berlin shows how arbitrary and definitive administrative boundaries can be through its divided history between West Germany and East Germany after World War II....

Sunday Video: How Native Hawaiians Fought The US Navy and Won

0 An island in Hawaiʻi had long been occupied and used by the United States military. But native Hawaiians fought to restore it to the...

Midweek Video: The Battle of SHARKS!

0 This story in London highlights one microcosm of how far historic preservation rules can go. For a while, an artsy organization got away with...

Sunday Video: The Stroad, Explained

0 What are stroads and why are they so inefficient, dangerous, and ugly? Not Just Bikes explains.

Midweek Video: Vienna Co-Housing

0 What is it like to live in co-housing? This video shows what life is like in a Vienna co-housing community.

Sunday Video: Living Car-Free Made Easy

1 Jason Slaughter of Not Just Bikes explains how carsharing can be a good supplement for people who occasionally need a car but otherwise rarely...