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Sunday Video: All 53 Vancouver SkyTrain Stations

RM Transit visits all 53 Vancouver SkyTrain stations. Though a bit long, the sped up video carries good discussion about the system's design, operations,...

Sunday Video: How Oysters Could Stop A Flood

Vox explains how oysters could reduce flooding in the New York City area and other places as sea level rises. But restoring oyster reefs...

Meetup Video: January 2022 State Legislative Preview with Reps. Macri and Bateman, and Sen....

This week, The Urbanist got a legislative preview from Representatives Nicole Macri (D-43rd District) and Jessica Bateman (D-22nd District) as well as Senator Joe...

Midweek Video: Canada’s Incredible New Intercity Trains

RM Transit shows off Via Rail's new Siemens Venture class equipment, which is also coming to Amtrak services like Cascades.

Sunday Video: How To Quickly Build A Cycling City

Not Just Bikes visits Paris to see how the city has rolled out a good bike infrastructure and witnesses how it has transformed culture....

Midweek Video: How The Craftsman Was Popularized in America

Vox looks at the story of the Craftsman home and how it became a staple across America in the 20th Century.

Sunday Video: Low or High Platforms?

RM Transit covers the great debate of whether low or high platforms are better for trains and what they even are.

Midweek Video: The Architecture Trend Dividing London’s Elites

Vox looks into why so many rowhouses in London are getting deep basement additions and why wealthy residents are lashing out.

Let’s Make #Homes4WA

Washington faces a very deep housing availability and affordability crisis that has only worsened in the past several years. It’s time for Washington to face this crisis head on. It’s time to take action to house Washington. Let your legislators know we need their help to house everyone.