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South Sound

Tacoma’s Grand Rezoning Plan Comes into View

If implemented, the new framework would make many of the types of buildings that already exist in abundance in Tacoma neighborhoods like Stadium and Proctor legal again to build across the city, with costly parking requirements in place reduced around current and planned transit.

Ryan Mello Has a Clear Vision for Pierce County

A vocal critic of highway expansion, Mello's urbanist vision includes "parks and open space trails, a good transportation network, safe places to walk and bike." He's running for County Executive to seek to implement that vision.
A group of about 15 campaign volunteers hold clip board and campaign signs at a mall plaza.

Voters Set to Decide on Raise The Wage Renton in February Ballot Measure

Renton voters have until February 13 to vote in a special election on the measure putting the city's minimum wage in line with Tukwila and SeaTac.

Op-Ed: What’s in a Name? Tacoma Town Center and the Future of Downtown

The stalling out of major downtown redevelopment offers a chance to finetune goals. The Tacoma Town Center, a $300-million project that is to be developed...

Sound Transit Reveals Big Cost Overrun for Federal Way Train Base

With maintenance base costs rising as much as $1 billion, Tacoma Dome Link could be at risk of further delay. Sound Transit has unearthed meteoric...

Pierce Transit Shelves Pacific Avenue BRT, Pivots to Delivering Express Bus in 2024

Scuttling bus rapid transit plans, Pierce Transit is moving ahead with a scaled back express bus shadowing Route 1. Bus rapid transit (BRT) along Pacific...
Daytime rendering of the mountain option. (Pierce Transit)

Pierce Transit’s Plan for Pacific Avenue Bus Rapid Transit Project Collapses

Hopes for the first high-quality Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line in Pierce County were formally dashed this week when Pierce Transit told its board...

Extreme Heat and the Legacy of Racist Housing Policies in Seattle

A hot summer day in Seattle may be scorching in the Central District, a historically Black neighborhood, while North Capitol Hill, home to many...