Sunday Video: How Japan Is Building Disaster-Proof Skyscrapers

0 Bloomberg Quicktake highlights how Japanese engineers are designing skyscrapers to withstand disasters like earthquakes and typhoons.

Sunday Video: Making The New York City Digital Subway Map

1 New York City now has a dynamic digital version of the subway map that blends the best of the classic Massimo Vignelli design with...

Sunday Video: Is There A Future In 3-D Printing of Buses?

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Midweek Video: One Chart Shows How America Can Leave Fossil Fuels Behind

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Sunday Video: The Proterra Executive Electrifying Mass Transit

0 A Proterra executive talks about the future of electrifying transit buses.

Urban Microgrids: The Potential for Urban Energy Generation and Efficiency

In 2018, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced that the Miller Community Center would soon be home to a $3.3 million solar microgrid. This project...

Sunday Video: Are Americans Ready To Love Trains Again?

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Metro's new 60-foot articulated battery-electric bus. (King County)

King County Purchases 40 Battery-Powered Buses and Ponders Full Electrification by 2035

On Thursday, King County officials announced that new battery-electric buses would be hitting the streets late next year. The county is purchasing a total...