Sea-Tac Airport Blasts Past 50 Million Passengers In 2019

Sea-Tac International Airport broke the 50 million passenger mark last year for the first time. A total of 51,829,239 passengers passed through the airport...

Sunday Video: Is It Wrong To Fly?

0 In this video, Joss Fong and her colleagues at Vox ask the question, “Is it wrong to fly?” They examine the impacts of air...

Sunday Video: Why Don’t We Have Electric Planes Yet?

2 Aviation is one of the fastest growing sectors of greenhouse gas emissions. But so far, there are no commercially operated electric planes that could...

Midweek Video: Sea-Tac’s Future International Arrivals Facility

1 The Port of Seattle has released a new video visualizing what the new International Arrivals Facility (IAF) will look like and how it will...

Sunday Video: Airport Expansion

0 Using London’s Heathrow Airport as a case study, Dave Amos explains the pitfalls and limited benefits of airport expansion.

Puget Sound Officials Debate Airport Expansion During Regional Aviation Growth Update

The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) delivered an update on the Regional Aviation Baseline Study last week. The added findings affirm earlier analysis that...

Midweek Video: Puget Sound Plane Tracks

0 See one day’s flightpaths of planes throughout Puget Sound to and from local airports.
Emirates plane taxiing at Sea-Tac International Airport.

Puget Sound Aviation Forecast Suggests Second Sea-Tac-Sized Airport Needed by 2050

On Thursday, the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) released the first part of a multi-year aviation study for the four-county region. The study's early...