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A bike lane with a biker symbol

Bellevue Pursues Long-Term Alternative to Shelved Bel-Red and Northup Bike Facilities

With the idea of creating space for people to bike on busy Bel-Red Road and Northup Way off the table, the only option left on the table is a project to create a new street in Bellevue's BelRed neighborhood sometime in the 2030s.

A Deep Dive on the 15 Corridor Upgrades in Seattle’s Draft Transportation Levy

The transportation levy proposed this month by the Harrell Administration would overhaul at least 15 corridors around the city. Here's what's on the table when it comes to changes on those streets.

Harrell Proposes Modest $1.35 Billion Transportation Levy Renewal

The mayor's levy proposal is focused on preserving the existing car-focused system rather than promising transformative changes. Advocates asked for at least $1.7 billion focused on pedestrians, bikes, and transit, but didn't get it.

Sunday Video: Amsterdam Temporarily Closed A Bridge (But Not To Bikes) For Repair

Amsterdam needed to repair an iconic and important bridge crossing, called "Berlagebrug." As part of that, the city installed a temporary bridge adjacent to...

Bellevue City Council All But Abandons ‘Bike Bellevue’ Network

By being crystal clear that most councilmembers don't support reallocating existing street space to create new bike corridors, the Bellevue City Council effectively rejected the network its transportation department created.

Bikeshare’s Limited Access to Seattle Parks Could Soon Be Changing

Seattle's popular bike and scootershare programs have been kept out of major Seattle parks. Could a change be on the horizon?
Dozens of vehicles stack up near the Colman Dock ferry terminal.

Bikeshare and Scootershare Booms in Seattle, with Lime Leading the Pack

Lime is riding high, as other micromobility operators retool or pull out of Seattle. Seattle’s dockless bikeshare and scootershare program continues to boom, collectively reaching...

Finalized Seattle Transportation Plan Heads to City Council

The Seattle Transportation Plan, shows a lofty vision for the next two decades of city investment in transportation. The hard part comes next with funding it and effectively implementing it — plus, aligning it with a delayed comprehensive plan for land use.