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Bird's eye view of downtown Bremerton with the marina and some midrise buildings in the foreground.

Bremerton Considers Bold Housing Reforms in its Comprehensive Plan Update

Reforms being considered by Bremerton as part of this year's major planning update include eliminating parking mandates, removing height limits in downtown, and expanding neighborhoods where additional density is allowed.

Daily Paid Parking Is Coming to Some Sound Transit Lots

Up to 10 Sound Transit-owned parking facilities -- including at all Link station parking facilities -- could see daily paid parking begin around the time that the Lynnwood Link Extension opens.

Port Townsend Just Quietly Ditched Its Off-Street Parking Mandates

Small but mighty Port Townsend appears to be the first city in Washington State to have fully ditched its off-street parking requirements.

New Alki Elementary School Draws Another Appeal, Even After Adding Parking Lot

Even after plans for a new Alki Elementary were redesigned to add parking, the project is caught in another appeal alleging there still isn't enough proposed parking. The delays triggered by the appeals have cost the school district at least $3 million so far.

Sound Transit Teases New Paid Parking Strategy Still Well Short of True Cost

Sound Transit is weighing parking rate structures as it works to expand its fledgling paid parking program to a projected 21 facilities along Link and Sounder lines by 2026.

Micro-apartments Could Become Fully Legal in Washington, Again

The Washington State Legislature is considering legalizing "co-living housing" in cities and towns across Washington, which could open the door to new micro-apartments offered...
An aerial photograph shows the port city of Bremerton from a height of nearly 10,000 feet.

Bremerton’s Enlightened ‘JCTP’ Plan Seeks to Break Free of Car Dependence

JCTP is Bremerton’s 30-year transportation vision. It gets a lot of things right, but has some gaps. The Joint Compatibility Transportation Plan (JCTP) is a...

Sunday Video: Chicago’s Big Mistake In Selling Its Paid Street Parking

Chicago sold its on-street paid parking spaces for a small proportion of their value for decades. The city, however, is reeling from that fundamental...