BNSF Railways track heading into Downtown Seattle from Interbay. (Credit: Doug Trumm)

Washington’s Draft State Rail Plan Presents Foggy But Promising Future

Washington's long-awaited draft state rail plan update has been released. Due out in 2019, the draft finally surfaced last week from the Washington State Department...
A snarl of car traffic on 4th Avenue with transit and people biking on the margins. (Photo by Scott Bonjukian)

Skip the Ballot, Seattle Should Enact Road Pricing As a Pilot Program

What will it take to make congestion pricing a reality in Seattle? Depending on whom you ask, road pricing is either just around the corner,...

New Industrial Lands Committee Could Spark Reform or Add Another Saga to Seattle Process

Last week, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced she is convening an industrial lands stakeholder group to “guide development of strategies to ensure a strong industrial...

Interbay Industrial Plans Are Squandering Freight Rail Access

Is Seattle allowing rail to wither on the vine? Northwest of Downtown Seattle, there is a frequently overlooked asset in the fight against climate change....