A photo of a teal streetcar with brick buildings in the background.

With Simple Improvements, Streetcars Can Thrive in Seattle

Line extensions into neighborhoods like Belltown and the Central District are part of a set of solutions that would improve Seattle's streetcars. ...
A photo of an elevated Link light rail line over a street.

A Transit Rider’s Guide to the Northgate Link Light Rail Extension

What you need to know about transit service and special events for the Northgate extension opening on October 2nd. It's a mere two and a...
A photo of a King County Metro bus pulling into a bus station on a tree-lined street.

2021 Fall Transit Service Changes Are Coming to Puget Sound Agencies

The fall service changes are coming to transit agencies across Puget Sound. They won't all happen at the same but there are some very...
A pedestrian bridge over a waterfront highway

Two Very Different Pedestrian Bridges Coming to the Seattle Waterfront

The overhaul of the Seattle Waterfront, while not exactly close to completely wrapping up, is starting to take shape before our eyes. With work...
Image description: A brown-skinned man standing at a highway offramp holding a white cane, next to a small yellow traffic sign with an icon of a pedestrian crossing and a bicycle reading “Use Caution When Crossing.” Behind that is a large red and white sign reading “Do Not Enter” and below that a small white sign with black text reading “Pedestrians Hitchhikers Bicycles Prohibited.”

Report Calls for Radical Inclusion of Disabled Nondrivers in Transportation Planning

"Nothing about us without us" is a rallying cry that first came into wide use in the United States by disability activists in the...
Pierce Transit Runner van in motion. (Pierce Transit)

Pierce Transit Restores and Expands Microtransit Service ‘Runner’ to Ruston and Tideflats

Pierce Transit has restored its on-demand microtransit service "Runner" to the Ruston area and added a new zone in the Tideflats. The two zones...
Two fare enforcement officers work their way toward the front of a bus after checking a few riders proof of payment.

Metro Increasing Security Officers at Transit Facilities and on Buses

King County Metro has announced plans to increase security onboard buses and at transit facilities this fall. The agency is bringing on dozens of...
A bus stop along a four lane busy road reading "40"

Business Interests Take Aim At Critical North Seattle Transit Corridor Improvements

The North Seattle Industrial Association is seeking to block Route 40 bus lanes and pedestrian upgrades citing expected freight delays. Route 40 had the third...