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Health Board Delays Vote on Repealing King County Helmet Law

Yesterday the King County Board of Health made the decision to delay a vote on the county's helmet law, which applies to cyclists of...

Midweek Video: Common Design Flaws in Bike Lanes

0 Many bike lanes include flawed designs. Cheddar looks at this issue and some ways to make them better and safer for people biking.
A modern tram runs along grass in Nice with midrise building and trees flanking.

Envisioning a Car-Free Aurora Avenue

Livability would flourish in surrounding neighborhoods if cars were removed from one of Seattle's deadliest and most polluted streets. Today's Aurora Avenue in Seattle is...

Seattle On Pace to Record Highest Number of Traffic Fatalities Since 2006

Seattle is on track to see a huge increase in the number of people killed by traffic violence on its streets in 2021. The...

Midweek Video: US Streets Are Dangerous, We Can Fix Them

0 Why are American streets so dangerous and what can we do about them? PBS looks at the growing American epidemic of dangerously designed streets...

Sunday Video: How To Design Streets For Everyone

0 Dave Amos talks about how the principle of universal design as applied to street design can make streets better for all users.

MASS Mayoral Forum Shows Growing Consensus Around Urbanist Policies

On Wednesday, five Seattle Mayor candidates squared off in a forum that we co-hosted alongside our allies at the Move All Seattle Sustainability (MASS)...

Rainier Ave Crosswalks to Receive Pedestrian Improvements in Form of ‘Hardened Centerlines’

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has announced plans to implement a new kind of pedestrian improvement that other cities have begun to add...