One of the primary arguments against micro-housing is that the limited space is equal to low-quality housing. Opponents often compare aPodment residents to sardines crammed inside a tin.

This is a specious argument. It is not up to the opponents of micro-housing to decide if aPodment residents would be happier living in larger rooms. Many of the current and potential aPodment residents are happy with a smaller space if it means cheaper rent, fewer roommates, easy access to transit, more neighborhood services, a safer environment, and better household amenities.

When opponents voice concern over room size, they betray an interest only in their own preferred style of living and a limited understanding of the interests of aPodment residents. These opponents of micro-housing are fortunate enough to live in a city that contains the housing choices they prefer. Let’s improve the city by further allowing the choices micro-housing residents prefer, rather than eliminating those choices.

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