Uber Peddle

Uber dropped some good news for Seattle customers with bikes last week. The company launched a new service called “UberPEDAL” for customers who want an Uber, but also want to bring their bike along, too.

Uber iPhoneMost bicyclists encounter a time when being picked up and dropped off to their destination could be a superior option. We can think of lots of cases where UberPEDAL might be handy like an unexpected flat tire, after a night on the town, or needing to make a spontaneous trip that a bike couldn’t reasonably accommodate.

Uber tapped bike rack company Saris to provide reliable and convenient bike racks that can carry up to two bikes at a time. Uber customers using the UberPEDAL service can expect to pay the regular rate of uberX, plus a $5 surcharge.

Since the service is brand new, Uber is letting customers know that there will be a limited number of drivers equipped for the UberPEDAL service. During the initial launch period, your best bet for getting an UberPEDAL driver are trips that originate near Downtown Seattle.

Requesting UberPEDAL is a breeze. Simply open the Uber app, drop a pin for the pickup location, ensure that the uberX button is selected, and then choose the PEDAL option. Then it’s only a matter of finishing up your reservation.


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