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Tonight we’re hosting a special presentation on Sustainable Rosengård. Paul Byron Crane, a local landscape architect with the City of Everett, will lead a conversation on Rosengård. We’ll learn how this Malmö, Sweden neighborhood has gone from a largely ignored and disengage place to an active and forward-thinking district. You’ll can us at GGLO (a local architecture firm) located in Downtown Seattle from 6pm to 8.30pm. We’ll have food and drinks on hand. The presentation begins around 6.30pm with a mix of video and PowerPoint. Q&A will follow the presentation with time to chat with other guests.

Here’s a brief summary of the presentation:

Rosengård, Malmö, Sweden successfully moved from a period of riots, due to a disenfranchised immigrant population to actively empowering and engaging young women in participatory place making. Thirteen young political refugee teenager women from Iraq and Afghanistan organized and led design workshops, community events working with Rosengård residents and the City of Malmö Environmental and Parks Departments.

Learning how to accomplish physical change to support positive sustainable development, the spaces between existing buildings shaped their proposed projects; a playground, enhanced town center, and community gardens. These projects in this presentation have been recently built by the City of Malmö adding to Rosengård’s social capital.

Through dialogue and community organizing of 6,400 participants, 136 workshops, events comprised of over 60 % of political refugee women. Their informed holistic decision-making, through an empowered strong local process, together with deliverables of strategic physical improvements started the process of building a sustainable Rosengård. The “pink” large play area and the enhanced town centers “social square” was completed in September of 2013. With the leadership and collaborative genius of these young girls Rosengård has now become the new Eco district in Malmö, Sweden.

We hope to see you tonight!

Sustainable Rosengård
Tuesday, 18 November
6pm to 8.30pm
GGLO at the Harbor Steps
1301 1st Ave #301Seattle, WA 98101

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