Denny Triangle at night.
Denny Triangle at night.

Skyscraper city: An updated version of Seattle skyscraper projects in infographic form.

Extended death row: The Harvard Exit will last just a few more days; say goodbye on January 11th.

Slow it downSightline makes the case that 20mph is plenty for residential streets.

Health of streets: New research shows that street network design can affect your health.

Bicycle helmets: Staff over at The Stranger discuss (argue) over whether requiring bicycle helmets is ridiculous or not.

Working class relief: Governor Jay Inslee wants to create a working class tax rebate ($) for Washington residents.

Water vision: The struggle of St. Petersburg, Florida to revitalize its waterfront pier may have success this time.

Ferry suburb: The history on how a ferry made Brooklyn the very first suburb.

Pro labor: The world’s most worker-friendly countries in 7 charts; let’s just say, pretty much anywhere is better than here…

Build the rail: An opinion piece to the Everett Herald to expand light rail to Paine Field and Everett.

Density: A comparative set of visualizations that show how population density is allocated in major cities across the globe.

If Bertha fails: Mayor Murray believes that if Bertha fails, we’re probably never going to have another tunnel for transit.

Development hate: Apparently San Francisco residents love to hate a new tower going up on Market Street, despite the fact that it’s displacing no one; for what it’s worth, the tower is flashy in a good way.

Sweden is safe: The reason why Sweden has become the safest place for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. Don’t worry, Seattle is almost as safe, too!

Coming in 2015: All the key multi-modal projects that are slated to begin or be delivered in 2015.

Data matters: Despite the controversy over a particular bike lane in Vancouver, BC, the lanes are delivering positive numbers in the effort to promote biking.

Debunked: The case by WSDOT that the deep bore tunnel project is 70% complete is graciously debunked ($).

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