Tenth Ave at Miller, slowing toward the curb on a gentle downhill. I haven’t seen that face in a while.

He looks as much like Mr. Cobain as any long-faced, swarthy, tall man can, with one key difference: this Kurt grins with such infectious verve as to make you forget life’s problems ever existed. This guy could make Buster Keaton lose composure. Who else in their late fifties smiles with this level of enthusiasm? The man’s just about bursting!
He steps aboard, takes a stance, and says, as if it’s very important, “are you still announcing?”
“Are you still calling out the …”
Announcing the stops, is what he means. He’s asking, am I starting to slack off? Or am I still Nathan, a little bit off the rocker and a little bit not, keepin’ it crazy cool in Club CuckooLand?
“Oh, oh yeah. Definitely!”
“So sweet, man!” he says, unreasonably excited. Fistbumps with sparks flying. “That’s definitely the ‘bring-it’ part of the ride!!!!”

P.S.– That’s my good buddy in the image, one of the best drivers in the entire system. Not everyone announces all the stops and stays happy while driving the 358 for eons– but he does. Such things take massive amounts of character. I learn from standing in the shadows of such giants. Say hi to him if you can! (The photo is from us riding the last trip of the last night of the 358, which was definitely the loudest– and quite possibly the best– bus ride I’ve ever experienced!)

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Nathan Vass has had work displayed in over twenty photography shows, designed a book and three album covers, including two for Neil Welch. His “My Favorite Things” tour at Seattle Art Museum was the highest-attended such tour there. Nathan is also the director of eight films, four of which have shown at festivals, and one of which premiered at Henry Art Gallery. He owns a photography business, Two Photography, with Larry Huang, and has photographed a dozen-plus weddings. Born in South Central LA, he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Washington, and is also a prolific writer and sometime painter. Formerly a Hollywood resident, he still contributes film reviews to Erik Samdahl's site, Filmjabber. In addition, he holds a side job as a public bus driver, which he enjoys almost as much as directing films- if not slightly more so! He is a two-time winner of Metro’s Operator of the Month award and holds a record number of commendations.