Civics and Culture

Buc-ee’s City-Sized Fun in a Country Truck Stop

The 15-Minute City can't contain Buc-ee's, the Texas gas station powerhouse showing how clean, friendly convenience is done.

The Urbanist’s Thanksgiving Meatballs 2023

It's Thanksgiving and we have some stuff to be thankful for. Here's to the year's unexpected treats.

Op-Ed: Seattle Poised to Repeat Chicago’s School Closure Mistake

Last week Seattle Public Schools (SPS) unveiled plans to embrace sweeping austerity, making major cuts to school programs and closing an unspecified number of...

Liveable Kirkland Presents History of Exclusion Talk on December 2

Do you wonder how the Kirkland-of-today came to be? In 2017, Richard Rothstein’s riveting book, The Color of Law, documented how the continuing segregation of...
Movie poster for Murder Party showing a man in glasses wearing knights armor costume made of cardboard and blood-soaked. He's holding two chainsaws across his chest and looks terrified. An assortment of people are behind him wearing costumes for a baseball player, vampire, robot, and cheerleader.

Murder Party Is an Urbanist Halloween Masterpiece

It sucks when Halloween falls early in the week. The spookiest night of the year and you have to wake up for work early...
Trees in fall colors with the International Fountain and the Space Needle.

Seattle Center Faces a Turning Point with Former Waterfront Director Taking the Helm

Seattle's largest civic campus and most centrally located swath of public open space has a new leader, following city council's unanimous approval for Marshall...
Mountain range in the background and pink fireweed plants along the road in the foreground.

Alaska Will Not Save Us

Like a giant overhead bin full of cookies and cash, Alaska sits for many as potential salvation. Quietly looming above, it waits as a...

Op-Ed: New Drug Bill Relies on Trusting a Contemptuous Seattle Police Force

The war on drugs is back, and Seattle is about to entrust SPD to carry it out with minimal guardrails. This Tuesday, Seattle City Council...