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Riders on a Metro bus.

How a Mass Transit Snob Became a Believer

Oh, how I loved my car. The ability to zip around the city of Seattle and into the nether regions of the Eastside left...

How Seattle Can Become a City of Two Million

Imagine two million people living in Seattle city limits. You may think this is only possible with a skyline like New York or Hong...

Midweek Video: Why Do People Commute By Airplane?

0 Super commuting was on the up and up prior to the pandemic. Why are people doing it, who is doing it, and what can...
Mayor Durkan delivers her speech

Mayor Durkan Lays Out Brief Agenda in Brief Speech

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan's final state of the city speech was just six minutes long. Typically, the annual speech is about four times longer,...

Sunday Video: How Highways Make Traffic Worse

2 Vox examines how building more highways just leads to more congestion rather than solving any particular transportation problem.

Meetup Video: February 2021 with Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda

4 This month, Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda was the guest speaker at The Urbanist’s meetup. You can rewatch her discussion here.

Midweek Video: The Case for Federal Transit Operations Support

0 It this short video, TransitCenter highlights the inequity of America’s public transportation systems both in term of social and environmental justice. TransitCenter argues that...

Are Historic Districts a New Variation to Restrictive Covenants?

If Seattle’s Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) program set a citywide precedent, then a push by wealthy Wallingford homeowners to turn single-family zoned areas into...