CascadiaCast Episode 4: Patty Lent


Lent Headshot CroppedOn this episode of CascadiaCast, I chat with Patty Lent, Bremerton Mayor and former Kitsap County Commissioner. Bremerton is the largest city in Kitsap County and home to the strategic Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Lent shared that she strongly believes families, Millennials, and the Navy are key to Bremerton’s future success as a regional economic and cultural hub. She highlighted the importance of school-to-job pipeline programs and the city’s capitalization of its downtown waterfront. We also discussed her vision for high speed ferry service to Seattle (and how to get tech companies to pay for it), a recent surge in housing developments, and the lost battle to bring NASCAR to the Pacific Northwest.

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Map of Bremerton.

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good interview. with all the apartments that are coming online and that are planned, it sounds as if the city’s revitalization is beginning to ramp up again. hopefully the people will follow and so will additional retail, entertainment, and services downtown.

the key to bremerton’s revitalization strategy hinges on the fast passenger-only ferry service. a consistent, reliable 35-minute crossing to downtown seattle is critical if you are trying to attract millennials, tech industry, and other professionals. bremerton’s housing and rents are significantly under priced compared to most communities within 15 miles of seattle. despite its past seedy/blue collar reputation, bremerton has come a long way and has good schools, a great community college, great parks and trails, and is close to big box retail if you need it (east bremerton/silverdale). with the current apartment building boom in seattle and its surrounding communities and emigration of people who can no longer afford seattle rents, i just hope bremerton isn’t too late.