What We’re Reading: In Case You Missed It



  • Breaking Ground: SolTerra’s first Seattle building takes shape on E Pike St.
  • Global Scale: Mapping 260 years of carbon emissions.
  • Cornerstone Acquisition: Co-working company Level Office acquires the historic Pioneer Building.
  • Living Small: “The most important determinant of the environmental impact of a home is simply its square footage,” says Alan Durning in a talk at Portland State University.
  • A New Arts Building: Taking shape at First and Cherry with some heavy arts hitters.


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Ryan Packer lives in the Summit Slope neighborhood of Capitol Hill and has been writing for the blog since 2015. They report on multimodal transportation issues, #VisionZero, preservation, and local politics. They believe in using Seattle's history to help attain the vibrant, diverse city that we all wish to inhabit. In December 2020, Ryan started a three-month stint as editor of Seattle Bike Blog.