2016 is set to be an exciting year in Seattle with light rail expanding to Capitol Hill, the University of Washington, and Angle Lake (Seatac). In the shadow of these developments though, Northgate Link tunneling is progressing quickly with three of the tunnel segments already done, one more in progress, and yet another starting soon.

In this video, Robbins EPB, who is running tunneling machines for this project, talks about their job in detail and provides some rare footage of the tunneling process going on for Northgate Link. This includes tunnel footage that shows tunnel segments being installed and conveyor belts retrieving spoils from the bored tunnels.


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Charles is an avid cyclist that uses his bike as his primary mode of transportation. He grew up in the Puget Sound, but is currently overseas living in Japan. He covers a range of topics like cycling, transit, and land use. His time in Tokyo really opened his eyes to what urbanism offers people and has a strong desire to see growth happen in Seattle.