The food truck model: A new study explains why food trucks locate where they do.

The County plan: King County Executive Dow Constantine unveils the County’s actions to help alleviate homelessness with a $17.3 million plan.

Induced biking: Like any other type of transportation investment, a new study suggests protected bike lanes induce more bicyclists to the roads.

Renters matter: Joel Sisolek of Capitol Hill explains why renters matter to the political and planning process.

Bold and dead: CityLab proclaims President Obama’s urban transportation plan as both “bold” and “dead on arrival” to Congress.

Basic infrastructure: Kriston Capps makes the case for a network of homeless shelters as basic infrastructure.

Bike Seattle: This week Elizabeth Kiker, Executive Director of Cascade Bicycle Club, stopped on by our meetup to chat. Here are a few of her points from the evening.

Farewell to a great: Former Seattle Planning Director Diane Sugimura sits down to talk about her career and thoughts on Seattle’s planning initiatives ($).

On timeout: President Obama’s clean power plan got put on hold by the Supreme Court this week, so what next?

Bikeshare works: Tom Fucoloro says that bikeshare can thrive in Seattle.

Piecemeal building: Paris wants to take the Baugruppen model and put it to work with some very whimsical mid-rise buildings on and near the Périphériques.

Drive elsewhere: Minneapolis is looking at banning the drive-through business model throughout the city for very good reasons.

Au revoir: King County Metro’s General Manager Kevin Desmond is heading north to Vancouver’s Tranklink.

Onward and forward: Sound Transit’s tunnel boring machine, Pamela, was temporarily halted 650 feet north ($) of University District Station after being partially damaged.

Fantasy: Jarrett Walker says that SimCity, the urban planning simulator, greenwashes parking in city building.

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