The Dutch love to ride their bikes in some unique ways: carrying friends on fenders, towing their four-legged pals at their side, and carrying on casual conversations in stride. Having spent three weeks in Scandinavia and Holland, the video really speaks of any culture where bicycling is a nearly everyday way of life for most people. It’s a beautiful thing.

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  1. What a contrast. Everyone riding upright and in everyday clothing. Not hunched over as if in the Tour de France. And riding at a sane speed, not trying to terrify pedestrians. If Seattle bike culture was like Holland’s, I’m sure a lot more of us would be riding.

    • Seattle has bike culture. Netherlands has a culture of biking. Massive difference.

      Until advocates, politicians, and SDOT are able to discern the difference between a bike culture and a culture of biking, very little progress will be made.

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