Innovative planning: Capitol Hill Seattle Blog looks at how three projects on Pike/Pine used the historic preservation incentives in their developments.

Don’t miss the next wave: By one count, Seattle may have lost out on some 1,500 affordable housing units over the past five years.

Gathering in tragedy: Seattle Bike Blog reflects on this week’s memorial walk for Desiree McCloud, a Seattle woman who perished last month after a bike crash on the tracks of the First Hill Streetcar line.

Ambitious targetsPortland passes a 20-year growth plan that would accommodate 260,000 new residents (42% increase) and 140,000 new jobs (38% increase).

Brexit, you buy it: The United Kingdom voted this week to leave the European Union on a thin margin, but the results were very divided along the lines of geography and age.

Hotel boom: Seattle could have 3,000 new hotel rooms built by 2018.

Put on the brakes: Five smaller cities in King County could lose out on transportation funding if they don’t slow their growth targets and revise their plans.

Nap time again: Bertha has made it 3,000+ feet and is now taking a maintenance break.

Game on for ST3: In a unanimous vote Thursday, the Sound Transit Board of Directors has put the Sound Transit 3 expansion plan on the November ballot.

Skyscraper city: Downtown Seattle is in a clear boom cycle with 65 major construction projects underway.

Hand over your keys: Ride the Ducks takes another whack at damage, the second time in three months.

Building community: Renters make a huge share of residents in Capitol Hill and new group called the Capitol Hill Renter Initiative is seeking to foster a community, identity, and voice for local renters.

TOD city: Lynnwood is one of three cities in the country to get a grant from the Federal Transit Administration to plan its city center around transit-oriented development.

Link it: A draft environmental impact statement on the “Missing Link”–a stretch of the Burke-Gilman Trail–has been released evaluating a variety of alternatives and endorsing a direct connection.

Airbnb crackdown: Airbnb is not finding a lot of love with major “crackdowns” taking place in many of the biggest destinations.

Map of the Week: Track where and when demolitions are taking place in Detroit.

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