Bremerton Walking Tour Recap


On Sunday, a group of about one dozen joined us for a tour of Bremerton and a roundtrip ferry ride. Leaving from Seattle at 10am, we set sail for Kitsap County and met up with two planners from the City of Bremerton: Garrett Jackson and Kelli Lambert. The pair graciously painted the story of a historic boomtown and a growing, modern Bremerton.

We kicked off the tour right at the foot of the ferry terminal and made a full loop through the heart of the city. On our tour, we passed by the the naval shipyard (the economic engine of Bremerton), extensive public art installations and museums, new residential and mixed-use developments, recently improved parks, and the local network of social services. The planners also talked about planned public infrastructure and new developments that could make their way to Bremerton in the next few years.

If you missed out on our tour, you can relive it on Twitter or take a peek at a few snippets below:

Keep an eye on this space and our social media for future walking tours in Seattle and around the Puget Sound.

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