A ST3 system map oriented with west on top.
A spin on the Sound Transit system under ST3. West is upward facing instead of north. (Mass Transit Now)

Below are the results for the 2016 General Election for Washington State as of November 10th. Current leaders will be in bold. Endorsed candidates/positions will have an (e) next to them.



I-1433 (Minimum Wage): Yes (e) 58.40%, No 41.60%

I-1464 (Campaign Finance): Yes 46.69%, No 53.31%

I-1491 (Risk Protection Orders): Yes (e) 70.33%, No 29.67%

I-1501 (Seniors): Yes 71.04%, No 28.96%

I-732 (Carbon Tax): Yes 40.96%, No 59.04%

I-735 (Citizens United): Yes 63.17%, No 36.83%

Sound Transit

Proposition 1 (Sound Transit 3): Yes (e) 54.29%, No 45.71%

Kitsap County

Proposition 1 (Foot Ferry): Yes 51.31%, No 48.69%


Proposition 1 (Public Transportation): Yes 55.41%, No 44.59%


I-124 (Hotel Workers): Yes (e) 76.58%, No 23.42%


Prop 1 (Traffic Improvement): Yes 54.10%, No 45.90%



President: Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine (D) 55.36%, Donald Trump/Mike Pence (R) 38.11%

US Senator: Patty Murray (D) 59.96%, Chris Vance (R) 40.04%

Congressional District 1: Suzan DelBene (D) 56.62%, Robert Sutherland (R) 43.38%

Congressional District 7: Brady Walkinshaw (D)(e) 43.61%, Pramila Jayapal (D) 56.39%

Congressional District 8: Dave Reichert (R) 59.13%, Tony Ventrella (D) 40.87%

Congressional District 9: Adam Smith (D) 73.60%, Doug Basler (R) 26.40%


Governor: Jay Inslee (D) 55.38%, Bill Bryant (R) 44.62%

Lt. Governor: Marty McCeldnon (R) 44.96%, Cyrus Habib (D) 55.07%

Secretary of State: Tina Podlodowski (D) 45.93%, Kim Wyman (R) 54.07%

Treasurer:  Duane Davidson (R) 58.48%, Michael Waite (R) 41.52%

Auditor: Pat McCarthy (D) 53.12%, Mark Miloscia (R) 46.88%

Attorney General: Bob Ferguson (D) 68.45%, Josuah Trumbul (L) 31.55%

Commissioner of Public Lands: Steve McLaughlin (R) 46.02%, Hilary Franz (D) 53.98%,

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Erin Jones (D) 49.03%, Chris Reykdal (D) 50.97%

Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler (D) 59.24%, Richard Schrock (R) 40.76%

Supreme Court Position 2: Mary Yu 57.97%, David Dewolf 42.03%

Supreme Court Position 5: Barbara Madsen 62.91%, Greg Zempel 37.09%

Supreme Court Position 6: Charlie Wiggins 57.96%, Dave Larson 42.04%


Pierce County Executive: Rick Talbert (D) 47.74%, Bruce Dammeier (R) 52.01%


District 5, Senator: Mark Mullet (D) 51.89%, Chad Magendanz (R) 48.11%

District 5, Rep Pos 1: Jay Rodne (R) 50.77%, Jason Ritchie (D) 49.23%

District 5, Rep Pos 2: Darcy Burner (D) 47.98%, Paul Graves (R) 52.02%

District 41, Senator: Steve Litzow (R) 46.75%, Lisa Wellman (D) 53.25%

District 43, Rep Pos 1: Nicole Macri (D)(e) 65.04%, Dan Shih (D) 34.96%

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