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Elections & Endorsements

A architectural rendering shows midrise housing, ground floor makers spaces, pedestrian improvements, and a green street on 5th Avenue S.

Seattle Council Greenlights Upzone for Georgetown Live/Work District

The zoning changes could spur construction of up to 1,000 homes, many of them affordable, as part of a new makers district along 4th Avenue S in Georgetown.
Kattle wears a blue suit and light gray beard and sits on Council dais.

Seattle Police Contract Passes Despite Limited Accountability Measures, Budget Hit

With a 24% raise and backpay, Seattle police officers are collectively earning an extra $96 million in compensation from the City in 2024. City leaders hope to spur hiring, but the contract did little to increase police accountability and blew a bigger hole in the City's quarter-billion-dollar budget deficit.
Fellow advocates stand behind Cantor and hold signs urging action on safe streets.

Mobility Advocates Find Support for Bigger Levy in Poll, Council Deliberates

A recent poll found Seattle would support a $1.9 billion transportation levy focused on fix-it-first and safety investments, but the City's proposal currently sits at $1.45 billion.

Alexis Mercedes Rinck Touts Progressive Credentials in Race Against Woo

Touting her working class roots and policy chops, Alexis Mercedes Rinck is mounting a challenge against Councilmember Tanya Woo. She hopes to unite labor and progressives against the business-backed appointee.

Seattle Council, Mayor Not Asking the Hard Questions about Police Recruitment

City leaders are weighing laxer hiring standards rather than improving SPD's culture and accountability systems. But SPD's bad reputation could be the bigger drag on hiring – not to mention safety outcomes.
a new seven story apartment building and a side street

Seattle Council Rejects Morales’ Affordable Housing Bill

After her bill failed Tuesday, Councilmember Morales said: "My Connected Communities legislation would have produced more affordable housing, commercial affordability, and anti-displacement measures right now. I’m incredibly disappointed in its failure to pass today."
Morales wears a yellow blazer and glasses.

Seattle Land Use Committee Rejects Morales’ Equitable Development Bill

Chair Tammy Morales appeared flabbergasted as she initially failed to get a second to her motion to introduce her bill providing incentives for affordable housing.

Shaun Scott Aims to Succeed Retiring Rep Chopp as Progressive Champion in Olympia

Shaun Scott sat down with The Urbanist to make his case for the 43rd Legislative District seat and lay out his top priorities in office, which included funding affordable housing, grappling with Long Covid, and advancing civilian emergency response alternatives.