Elections & Endorsements

Dubicki: Electioneering, And Why You Should Try It

Here’s the interesting thing about knocking on doors for a political candidate. In many ways, it’s ridiculous that such old school politicking is necessary...
A photo of backed up car traffic on the right side of the road. Cars are approaching on the left side of the road.

Mayor Durkan Poses as Climate Mayor at COP26

The biggest challenge is implementation, Durkan said, which has been very true for her administration. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as...
Tear gas rises near the East Precinct building on E. Pine St. on Monday, May 1, as police disperse a crowd of protestors. (Photo by Ethan Campbell)

Where Urbanists and Progressives Go from Poor 2021 Showing

Council President Lorena González's resounding loss to former Council President Bruce Harrell marks the third straight Seattle mayoral election in which the progressive fell...

2021 General Election Results: Early Returns

As of 8pm this evening, the early returns for the 2021 November General Election have been posted. Counting will continue over the coming weeks,...

Seattle Progressives Hope for Late Turnout Surge to Seal Victories

With one day left before polls close on the 2021 election, campaigns are in a mad dash to the finish line. Voters have some...
Parkgoes sit on the ampitheater at Bellevue's Downtown park with skyscrapers in the background.

Bellevue Faces a Crossroads: Embrace Progressivism or Conservative Entrenchment

Three Bellevue City Council seats are up for election this year and voters face a stark choice. Electing progressive challengers Ruth Lipscomb and Dexter...
"Trash, tents and needles in our parks and playgrounds. We can help the homeless *and* have our parks back. Vote Bruce for Mayor," read the top line of the mailer. Next to a head shot of Bruce Harrell a quote is included: "Fore me, the status quo is completely unacceptable. I don't want anyone to have to live in a tent or in their car."

Disingenuous vs. Bad Faith: Arguments and the Way We Receive Them

Recently, I got called out in a discussion where I labeled something a “bad faith” argument. We were talking about the last Seattle City...

Seattle Times Rescinds Kathy Lambert Endorsement Over Racist Mailer

The King County Council could get a shakeup this election, and those odds went up last week as Republican incumbent Kathy Lambert lost her...