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Laughably Awful Pedersen Op-Ed Justifies Printing Out Seattle Times

Paper is compostable. Bad opinions are not. Oh, for an easier assignment than to address the flubs and follies of Councilmember Alex Pedersen’s Seattle Times...
Photo of Andrew Grant Houston looking glum.

Andrew Grant Houston is Running for Mayor of Seattle on a Bold Urbanist Platform

In an announcement video released last week, Andrew Grant Houston introduced himself as a “queer Black and Latino architect.” He is a regular fixture...
Mike Solan, a white guy in a suit on the CIty Inside Out program.

Besieged and Defiant: Seattle Police Guild President Solan Defends Fascist Coup

Eight of nine Seattle City Councilmembers demanded Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) president Mike Solan's resignation on Monday, following a freewheeling week during which...
Mayor Jenny Durkan gave soon-to-retire Police Chief Carmen Best some flowers to express her gratitude during a press conference about blocking police budget cuts in the Norm Rice room at City Hall. (Seattle Channel)

Jenny Durkan Is a Failed Mayor

Every December, Mayor Jenny Durkan releases a list of accomplishments from the year, putting a positive spin on another year of her administration. This...
Mayor Durkan in an orange vest and SDOT hard hat at a West Seattle Bridge presser.

Durkan Announces She’s Not Running for Reelection, Opening Floodgates in Mayoral Race

Mayor Jenny Durkan revealed today that she will not be seeking reelection. Polling suggests Durkan's popularity nosedived after a summer of protests that saw...

Seattle City Council Passes 2021 Budget with 18% Cut to Police Department

The war of spin is well under way to frame the outcome of a 8-1 vote setting next year's City budget. After weeks of debate,...
The memorials along the East Precinct police station--now christened the Capitol Hill Community Center--keep growing. (Photo by Doug Trumm)

Hesitant Councilmembers Thwart ‘No New Cops’ Solidarity Budget

The Seattle City Council voted against a police officer hiring freeze yesterday, despite a strong "No New Cops" campaign from the Solidarity Budget coalition,...

Amtrak Joe’s Win Elevates High-Speed Rail Hopes

Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris officially became President-elect and Vice President-elect on Saturday, which signals a shift from a car-centric, anti-city administration to...