Despite nearly a century of growth and change, a farm remains in Rainier Beach, but you almost wouldn’t know it.


  1. I’ve actually been down this block a few times and never guessed it was a horse farm… I guess I just assumed it was some open space on the top of the cliff. Interesting. The southern half of Seattle is a lot more sliced-up than the northern half, particularly by big north-south-running boundaries… and it makes for odd little pockets like this that are off the beaten path without being that far away. And I guess the fact that it’s been farther from financial development pressure has helped keep it “weird” — I’ve seen little almost-dead-end pockets all over the city (it’s one of the things I do as a long-distance runner to keep things interesting), and mostly they might have cool views or nice houses but look pretty similar to neighboring blocks. Of course, there’s also got to be a personal story behind this particular lot, too!

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