What We’re Reading: New Challengers

Cary Moon

Cary Moon: Eli Sanders interviewed our newest mayoral candidate Cary Moon revealing some details about her platform.

Turning Blue: Can Democrats turn Eastern Washington blue if 2018 blue wave? Heidi Groover said yes after spending the day with Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart who’s already campaigning against Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

It’s Hard Being Dolezal: Traveling into the Heart of Whiteness, Ijeoma Oluo delivered an incredible piece on Rachel Dolezal’s and how she fits into black female identity writ large. Spoiler: Not well. (The Stranger killed it this week.)

Time To McGinn Again?: Heidi Groover broke down what we know so far about former mayor Mike McGinn’s platform this time around. He announced his run Monday.

Third Accuser Speaks: Sydney Brownstone interviewed Lloyd Anderson, who is one of the three men who have accused Mayor Ed Murray of raping them in the 1980’s while they were underage.

Human Toll: Streetsblog looks at the human toll of normalizing distracted driving.

Luddites:  Richard Florida thinks it’s better to call anti growth folks commonly labeled NIMBYs, luddites–New Urban Luddites. Let’s see if they like that any more?

A Fare Deal?: Zach Shaner looks at Metro Transit’s two proposals to restructure fares on its system to do away with zoned fares.

Pronto Postmortem: Seattle writer Josh Cohen‘s byline showed up in The Guardian as he dissected what went wrong with Pronto from helmet laws to lack of station density.

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Doug Trumm is The Urbanist's Executive Director. An Urbanist writer since 2015, he dreams of pedestrianizing streets, blanketing the city in bus lanes, and unleashing a mass timber building spree to end the affordable housing shortage and avert our coming climate catastrophe. He graduated from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington. He lives in East Fremont and loves to explore the city on his bike.