Big boost: Wages in Washington state see a big boost year-over-year boost ($), the largest since 2007.

Uncertain fate: District advocates in Everett are locked in a battle ($) over when signatures for a city initiative must be turned in so that signatures can be validated.

A generation behind: America is very far behind in building high-speed compared to its peers, arguably still “fantasizing.”

Higher costucation: The cost of higher education is set to rise in Washington state.

Agreeing to Paris: While America is stuck in neutral on climate change mitigation, China is aiming to become more sustainable ($). Meanwhile, France will ban the sale of gas and diesel cars by 2040.

Fearing progress: Washington’s just-passed paid family leave bill appears to have garnered support by Senate Republicans because they feared a more progressive law would have passed by initiative.

Preempted: Left-leaning cities want to pass their own progressive laws, but their right-leaning states keep trying to thwart them through preemption ($).

Segregating tax credit?: The Low Income Housing Tax Credit may do some good things, but it also is keeping many cities and regions segregated ($).

Derailed: Speed and human error may have been the cause ($) for an Amtrak Cascades derailment in Lakewood this week.

Family-friendly TO: Toronto wants to make denser living more family friendly.

Poor disincentive: Oregon makes the boneheaded decision to tax new bikes, which not only nets very little money but also has a 10% administration cost in even levying it.

Failed: A bathroom initiative to restrict the use of bathrooms by transgender persons has failed to qualify for the November ballot.

New state initiative: A new Washington state initiative would make it easier to prosecute police for unjustified shootings.

Barriers to bikeshare: Why are some groups of people staying away from bikeshare?

Colorful Seattle: Local architecture critic Mark Hinshaw that Seattle has discovered the use of bold colors in newer development.

Communing and commuting: In Tampa, a transit chief is giving up his car for a month to hear directly from transit riders.

New bikeshare: Two private bikeshare companies have field for permits to operate in Seattle.

Spray parks!: Greater Greater Washington‘s Dan Malouff says that America is a have a “spray park” (think water fountains) golden age.

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