In an effort to continue providing great content, programming, advocacy,  and analysis, we’re running a fundraising drive this week at The Urbanist. We think what we do is pretty valuable, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Below are two more testimonials from leaders at two organizations we hold in high regard.

“I frequently use The Urbanist as a source of well-researched information and a critical eye on pro-market hyperbole. I don’t always agree with articles in the Urbanist, but I trust they are trying to create clarity of thought in a multi-faceted debate on urban growth in Seattle–a debate that needs an urbanist perspective that embraces equity and inclusivity. If you believe that good urbanism should prioritize social and racial equity, The Urbanist has shown that they can be a reliable source for nuanced and thoughtful analysis.” – Howard Greenwich, Senior Policy Advisor at Puget Sound Sage

“The Urbanist is a vital institution in a city like Seattle, where planning, design and process absorb so much our political capital. I often find myself looking to The Urbanist for perspective and insight on everything from specific neighborhood issues, big picture policy, to candidate perspectives on urban issues. Their writing is accessible, but typically includes enough detail to satisfy even the deep wonks.

If you care about how, where and when Seattle is growing and changing, you need a daily dose of The Urbanist. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, or a newcomer, please consider how you can best support their effort– deally by giving monthly, which is easy on your busy schedule, and provides a solid foundation of resources for The Urbanist’s great work.” – Christopher Wierzbicki, Executive Director of Futurewise

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The Urbanist was founded in 2014 to examine and influence urban policies. We believe cities provide unique opportunities for addressing many of the most challenging social, environmental, and economic problems. We serve as a resource for promoting and disseminating ideas, creating community, increasing political participation, and improving the places we live. The Board of Directors consists of six members that guide policy and decision-making of The Urbanist.