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Testimonial from Share The Cities

In an effort to continue providing great journalism, programming, and advocacy, we’ve launched our Spring Subscriber Drive this week at The Urbanist. We think what we...

Kicking Off Our Spring 2021 Subscriber Drive

We’re launching our Spring Subscriber Drive today and we could really use your support. If you count on The Urbanist to break down the...

Fall Subscriber Drive Recap and Thank You

Thank you to everyone who donated during our Fall Subscriber Drive. We gained 43 new subscribers and that goes a long way to making...

Subscriber Drive: Publication Update

During our subscriber drives, we look back at what we've been up to over the past year. 2020 didn't bring a lot of fuzzy...

Fall 2020 Urbanist Financial Update: Overcoming a Recession

2020 marks a transition in our spending strategy at The Urbanist. At the beginning of the year we started paying one of our long-term...
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Subscriber Drive: Summer Stinson Testimonial

The Urbanist is in the midst of its Fall Subscriber Drive. Here's a testimonial from progressive advocate Summer Stinson. I rely on The Urbanist for...
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Kicking Off Our Fall 2020 Subscriber Drive

Today marks the start of our annual fall subscriber drive. First off, thank you for reading The Urbanist. We're proud of the work we...
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Fall Subscriber Drive Kicks Off with Charles Mudede Event September 30th

Filmmaker and Stranger editor Charles Mudede is headlining an event on Wednesday, September 30th kicking off The Urbanist's annual Fall Subscriber Drive. The hour-long...