Testimonial from 350 Seattle

In an effort to continue providing great content, programming, advocacy, and analysis, we’re running a fundraising drive this week at The Urbanist. We think what we...

Publication Accomplishments: Help Us Keep Up the Good Work

The Urbanist is sustained by volunteer writers and we got some new contributors in the last year that helped spread the workload. Ray Dubicki...

Opening 2020 Subscriber Drive Kickoff and New Executive Director

The Urbanist kicks off its opening 2020 subscriber drive today. For the next two weeks we’ll be asking readers like you to contribute financially...
Peddler Brewing will host The Urbanist's February 9th fundraiser. (Photo courtesy of Bike Works)

Grow The Urbanist: Join Us for a Fundraiser Reception February 9th

Our Spring Subscriber Drive starts Monday and this year we're adding a fundraiser to the schedule. Hear from urbanist leaders and organizational leadership. The...
Burke Gilman Trail from the Fremont Bridge. (Photo by author)

Grow The Urbanist This #GivingTuesday

This Giving Tuesday we're asking you to contribute to The Urbanist. Our writers and organizers pour thousands of hours of volunteer labor into our...

Thank You, 2019 Subscribers!

To all our readers that donate, THANK YOU. Sunday was the last day of our fall subscriber drive and we we're really impressed with...

Fall Subscriber Drive: Publication Accomplishments

First of all, we in the publication team would like to thank our readers to continue to support our work. More people than ever are...

Fall Subscriber Drive Kickoff

Today we're kicking off our fall subscriber drive. The Urbanist was founded as an all-volunteer organization and has operated that way for most of...