Bikeshare passes: Cities all fund transit passes for students, so why not bikeshare, too?

Anti-tax: Two more lawsuits have been filed against Seattle’s income tax law ($).

High inclusion: Santa Monica is aiming very high on inclusionary zoning in their new downtown plan.

Legalizing shelter: Many people without anchored shelter often live in cars and RVs in Seattle, and that could be partially legalized.

SEA-YVR highspeed: High-speed rail is an inevitable thing between Seattle and Vancouver, BC, but what might be the terminal stations in both cities?

Big drop: Seattle has seen the biggest drop in drive alone rates to work ($) in King County over the past decade–there are key reasons for that.

Goodbye bricks: In San Francisco, a portion of Market Street will get a major makeover, including brick sidewalks going away.

Bikeshare 2.1: Crosscut asks if private bikeshare in Seattle will succeed where Pronto struggled.

Bridging DC: Washington, D.C. is set to get a very beautiful new bridge to cross the Anacostia River.

Slower acceleration: Sound Transit isn’t sure why light rail had a power failed this week, but is asking operators to slow down acceleration to reduce system strain.

Congestion-free transit: Transit guru Jarrett Walker says that advocates for high quality transit should adopt the term “congestion-free transit” à la Auckland to attract riders and supporters.

Commute tolerance: The Hyperloop as public transit is never happening, but even if did it probably wouldn’t change your commute time ($).

Regulating smog: In another positive setback to the Trump administration, the EPA is reserving course on delaying an Obama-era rule to regulate smog-inducing pollutants ($).

Election analysis: Counting in the Seattle mayoral race primary continues, but Ben Anderstone of Crosscut delivers some interesting early analysis.

Public loos: Public toilets appear headed to Ballard and the University District.

Making it count: Innovative thinkers in India are showing how space beneath elevated railway lines can be better used.

Sanctuary on the brink: Burien is a sanctuary city, but a ballot measure in November could change that.

America’s transit fleet: One infographic rules them all showing major North American transit system fleets in high detail.

New competitor: Ofo bikeshare, a third private bikeshare company in Seattle, has their permit and is ready to launch.

Capitol Hill Station: What will new development look like at Capitol Hill Station?

Map of the Week: On August 21st, a solar eclipse will be highly visible across portions of America, but some places may be better to see it.

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