Streetcar barn tower: The City of Seattle has been approached to build a private office tower ($) over the South Lake Union streetcar garage.

Turn for change: Rainier Beach High School has not seen significant reinvestment in a long time despite numerous school district-wide capital levies. Hanna Brooks Olsen asks when the high school will get its turn for a change.

Redesigning a river: Some want to transform Chicago’s central river from a filthy waterway to a dyanmic and environmentally friendly resource.

Investigate thyself: A special Washington State Senate committee held a frivolous investigation of Sound Transit.

On walkability: Public health experts have given American infrastructure for walkability a failing grade. On a related note, Streetsblog weighed in on school design and the intersection of walkability by way of Decatur, Georgia.

Uni District tower: A 24-story tower slated for the University District is in the planning and design process with NBBJ leading the effort.

Greening up buildings: New York City is poised to require higher standards for many existing buildings to meet stringent energy efficiency standards or face steep fines.

Bikeable suburb: Little Carmel, Indiana shows how suburbs can make transformative change to facilitate biking according to PlacesForBikes.

Platform doors: Yonah Freemark explores the topic of platform doors for trains and why they are virtually absent in North American transit systems despite popularity across the globe.

Suing big pharma: Washington State and Seattle will join Everett in suing a Purdue Pharma over its hand in the growing opioid epidemic.

Post-earthquake response: In Mexico City, parks and bikes played a very important role in helping with the earthquake emergency response.

Carbon tax hike: After five years of no increases, British Columbia is finally increasing the province’s carbon tax under a budget agreement between the progressive coalition government.

CA taking lead: Following suit with global peers, California could ban the sales of carbon emitting vehicles in the coming decades.

Changing cityscape: With a continuing boom in Vancouver, B.C., long-standing Brutalist towers and achitecture may begin coming down.

Polluting neighbors: Maryland is sueing the United States Environmental Protection Agency for allowing nearby out-of-state plants to send their pollution into Maryland.

In search of inclusivity: Richard Florida dives into studies on the relationship of a strong economy and inclusive growth–spoiler: most major cities are failing at inclusive growth.

Off-duty guidance: New guidance for Seattle police officers will dramatically change the proceedures for hiring off-duty officers ($).

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