Broadway infill: Two properties on Broadway in Capitol Hill are set for redevelopment.

Deathwater: Stormwater pollution is killing Coho salmon in Puget Sound ($).

Burying a highway: Texas is open to putting an interstate underground in Dallas.

Music City transit plan: Nashville’s mayor wants to pledge more than $5 billion for a major light rail and bus service expansion.

American maglev: A maglev train might eventually serve the corridor between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Airbnb apartments: A Florida developer is creating the first Airbnb-branded apartment building in the country.

Cancelled: Metro bus service from the Eastside to Seahawks games is going away ($).

LA’s story: What can be learned from Los Angeles about gentrification?

Auto Row: Local historian Rob Ketcherside profiles Colman Automotive on Capitol Hill.

TOD: In a recent symposium, development experts offered their insights on what it takes to create successful transit-oriented development.

Expensive housing: Why is it so expensive to build affordable housing?

Extension abandoned: The Broadway streetcar extension appears to be dead, for now anyway.

Stop light removal: Amsterdam is increasingly removing stop lights to de-emphasize car priority.

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