Pay the piper: Uber and Lyft should pay road user fees, perhaps to help fund public transit.

Making a difference: Kirsten Harris-Talley served as a Seattle City Councilmember for a short 51 days. Crosscut highlights here accomplishments.

PDX congestion pricing: Should Portland institute congestion pricing? Sightline takes a look at that question.

Up in smoke: The wildfires in Northern California have only exacerbated the housing crisis in the Bay Area.

Amenities: What sort of amenities do Seattle renters want?

Gold standard: Albuquerque now has a bus rapid transit line that meets the industry gold standard. Transit guru Jarrett Walker explains why this important.

Car cap: Following the footsteps of Mexico City, London is poised to impose a ban on most new parking facilities paired with new development.

MSFT expanding: Microsoft is doubling down on its Redmond tech campus planning to construct 18 new buildings and demolish 18 buildings as part of a major renovation and urban-oriented capital investment program.

Efficient transportation: In London, protected bike lanes move bicyclists five times more efficiently than car lanes.

Small town solutions: A consultant for Bainbridge Island that incentives and investment in things like transit service and bike facilities could probably solve its on-street parking crunch.

Democracy in action: In their first election debut, Seattle’s Democracy Vouchers appear to be working.

Clever intervention: Using leaves and chalk, residents in a Toronto neighborhood were able to redirect traffic on a local street.

Blessing, curse, or forgotten: Paris will get the 2024 Summer Olympics, but what could it mean for working class districts like Saint-Denis?

NYC congestion charge: New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is opposed to congestion pricing in Manhattan, but data shows mostly wealthy motorists would pay.

Oly wants housing: Olympia is going all in on missing middle housing.

Just gardens: Why are Millennials fleeing New Jersey?

Another “smart city”: On a US Navy airfield near Boston, a “smart city” could blossom.

Isolationism at work: Britain’s Brexit is creating a lot of problems over what to do with the border in Ireland.

Eagles: Curbed Seattle profiles the Eagle Block in Old Ballard.

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