Brooklyn shrinking: Why is Brooklyn shrinking if it’s booming?

Cut break lines: In Seattle, brake lines on dockless rental bikes were found cut recently.

Brutal: Will the Central Area get a “brutal” landmark?

Futurism: A futuristic-looking museum has broken ground in Los Angeles.

Still wanted: Thirteen years later, First Hill still wants a light rail station.

Ban lifted: Berlin has pitched the city’s ban on Airbnb accommodations.

Fully funded: The federal government passed a major funding bill this week in which transit and housing policies and programs won big. That’s great news for local projects banking on federal funding ($).

AVs designed deadly: An autonomous vehicle operated by Uber failed badly killing a person walking, which really begs the question if regulation of the test technology is enough.

Surprise: Rents continue to skyrocket in Seattle.

Chaotic purpose: Earlier this week, escalators failed at the University of Washington Station causing mass chaos, but there are reasons why Sound Transit doesn’t want you using escalators as stairs ($).

Expanding Union Station: More details on the national capitol’s central railway station expansion has been unveiled.

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Stephen is an urban planner with a passion for sustainable, livable, and diverse cities. He is especially interested in how policies, regulations, and programs can promote positive outcomes for communities. Stephen lives in Kenmore and primarily covers land use and transportation issues for The Urbanist.