Winning the fight: Sweden will meet its 2030 climate change goals 12 years early.

Opposing public safety: Despite the passage of sensible anti-gun violence laws in Seattle, two pro-firearms groups are suing to kill the public safety laws.

Bellevue welcoming shelter: Bellevue will allow construction of homeless shelters in the city.

It’s Best!: In a stunning turnaround, Carmen Best has been picked as Seattle’s new police chief ($).

Democratic sabotages: Could the Russians hack the American census?

Play space: Occidental Park will get a new playground.

Floundering: Ofo is laying off large numbers of employees in America and shrinking their investment in bikeshare.

Focus on housing: Federal Democrats want to tackle the widespread American affordable housing crisis ($).

Connect Seattle: Jon Talton of The Seattle Times comes out in support of the Center City Connector streetcar project.

What’s working?: Homelessness is rising in the region, but homeless vets are on the decline.

Car wars: Richard Florida presents data on how cars divide Americans.

Missing equity: Bike advocacy often has an equity blind spot.

New migration trend: Last year, people of Asian decent made up the largest group of newcomers to King County ($).

Making space: Cities are replacing dangerous slip lanes with space for people.

CLT highrise postponed: The tallest cross-laminated timber project in America–originally planned for the Pearl District in Portland–has been postponed.

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Stephen is an urban planner with a passion for sustainable, livable, and diverse cities. He is especially interested in how policies, regulations, and programs can promote positive outcomes for communities. Stephen lives in Kenmore and primarily covers land use and transportation issues for The Urbanist.