Renter rights: Renters in Seattle don’t actually know their rights, but local organizations hope to change that. Meanwhile, landlords don’t think the city should help make housing affordable for tenants.

Fiscally Impossible: Washington’s transportation chief says that fixing congestion with highways is “fiscally impossible.”

Showbox: The Showbox, a cultural landmark in Seattle, could be on its way out, which many lament. However, the developer will first need to nominate it for historic landmarking ($).

Welcome aboard: A new ferry is joining the Washington State Ferries fleet.

Revised plans: Updated redevelopment plans for Northgate Mall include even more housing.

Funding the arts: 4Culture in King County is getting $1.5 million more in arts funding.

Extortion: The Mariners are threatening to not renew their lease for Safeco Field if the county doesn’t give it unnecessary handouts.

Dirty biz: The oil industry has dumped a lot more money in to oppose a carbon fee initiative in Washington.

California renters: Rent control is gaining popularity in California.

It’s the market: The Federal Way light rail extension is going to cost more than originally estimated.

Damaging wall: Scientists argue that the Trump regime’s border wall will cause irreparable harm to wildlife.

Tailor it to benefit: Taxing ride-hailing services is gaining steam, but they should be well thought out to benefit communities.

Dirty management: The federal regime is planning to end California’s ability to set emission standards for cars, which would affect many states adopting similar standards.

Renter zones: Burnaby will zone renter-only areas in the British Columbia city.

A little pricier: The cost of revamping KeyArena has gone up another $100 million.

Don’t break promises: Community leaders from Chinatown-International District urged the mayor to build the Center City Connector, which has been long-promised.

Mobikes is out: Washington, D.C. has lost a second private bikeshare company.

Visioning zero: London’s mayor Sadiq Khan is targeting zero traffic deaths by 2041.

All in for LRT: Surrey, British Columbia envisions 150 kilometers of light rail transit.

Hot box: Seattle is the least air conditioned major city in America ($).

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