Low-cost activation: Why are cities bringing giant games to parks and plazas?

Walkability: What makes a place walkable?

CSO failures: King County has been fined $118,500 since 2013 ($) for multiple combined sewer overflows.

Safer streets in Canada: Why Canada has a better road safety record than America.

Not much progress: Is a regional coalition making any headway on addressing homelessness?

Olmsted treasure trove: The Library Congress now has a massive digital database of Frederick Law Olmsted’s works.

23rd Ave E: Rechannelization work on 23rd Ave E near Montlake is about to begin.

Sugar high: Seattle’s soda tax has brought in $10 million in its first six months ($).

Superblocks: What is it like in a pedestrian-first superblock?

Covering preventable tragedies: Lazy coverage of pedestrian deaths often hides why streets are so dangerous in the first place.

This is different: Is the skyrocketing housing prices in America just another housing bubble?

Tech issues: Seattle’s new online permit system appears to have had some major glitches following its launch ($).

CRC redux: Vancouver, Washington wants the Columbia River Crossing resurrected with transit priority.

New chief: Carmen Best will be appointed as Seattle’s newest police chief on Monday.

Historic lows: In Seattle’s suburbs, housing construction is at historic lows ($).

Green streets: Sightline talks about Vancouver, British Columbia’s very healthy and livable street designs.

Nominated: Historic Seattle has submitted a landmark nomination for the Showbox.

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