LA-Vegas HSR: Florida’s Go Brightline is taking over rights to build and operate a high-speed rail line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

A pittance: After fighting hard to kill an affordable housing tax in Seattle, Jeff Bezos and Paul Allen tentatively plan to sponsor affordable housing development.

Evicted: A Seattle study indicates that women and black renters are disproportionately get evicted.

Capped: Seattle’s cap on move-in fees passes legal muster ($) in a major defeat to anti-tenant rights landlords.

Reforming parking requirements: Cincinnati has eliminated parking requirements in several dense neighborhoods to encourage walkable communities

Poorly executed by design: The SR-99 tunnel boondoggle sagas continue with yet another missed deadline for opening ($).

Global transit renaissance: Globally, transit is having a big boom, but the United States continues to lag behind.

Fight for free UPass: The University of Washington may be poised to cut the cost of staff transit passes by another 50%, but it still wouldn’t be free.

Central District stands: 50 years later, the Central District remains largely intact thanks to a freeway revolt.

Dignity of walking: Readers of The Guardian share their perspectives of walking in their cities.

Contributing factors: Why isn’t affordable housing more affordable?

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