Give them stairs: Sound Transit has given up on the escalators at UW Station and plans to replacement them, perhaps with some stairs.

Corporate education: In a split decision, the state supreme court will continue to allow charter schools to pilfer public money.

E-scooters: Portland has released the results of its e-scooter program.

Small airport expansion: Sea-Tac Airport has a new annex for passengers in Concourse D.

Wage growth: Wages may be higher in urban areas, but rural areas are seeing faster wage growth.

Great American divide: Another dividing element in American culture is homeownership and commutes.

The right bid: Selling land to the highest bidder may not be in Seattle’s best interest.

Thwarting mobility: With local taxes, Beverly Hills has been fighting expansion of Los Angeles’s subway.

Revitalizing Buffalo: Buffalo may take parking craters and turn them into new neighborhoods.

Map of the Week: See the neighborhoods with the highest levels of student debt.

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