Withdrawn but not out: Mayor Jenny Durkan had her pick to lead the Human Services Department withdraw from further consideration.

Areaways: Due to risk of collapse, Seattle’s transportation department will impose restrictions of heavier vehicles along First Avenue in Pioneer Square ($) as well as other nearby streets with areaways.

NJ delusions of grandeur: New Jersey’s governor thinks he has an exemption carveout for his residents in hand for the New York City decongestion fee.

What’s railroad company?: Whether or not Texas Central will be able to proceed with eminent domain to acquire right-of-way for the company’s high-speed rail line lies in semantics.

Planning PIT: A new plan emerges for major redevelopment in Pittsburgh.

Red Cup Project: Drawing attention to dangerous bike lanes, advocates rolled out red cups and tomatoes to show that lack of protection is deadly. The campaign followed the death of a prolific D.C.-area bike advocate last week who was hit by a person driving.

Gothic nomination: Eagleson Hall, a Gothic-style building on the University of Washington campus, has been nominated for landmarking.

Party of denial: Virginia Republicans have sought to block the state from joining a regional carbon emissions cap-and-trade program ($), but the governor could line-item veto the proviso.

Capitol Hill development: What will the new building going in next to the Knights of Columbus in Capitol Hill look like?

Federal abusers: Over the past 10 years, the federal government has deported more than 30,000 people from King County International Airport.

CA push for housing: Will a major land use housing bill pass in California?

Remove the hazard: What is the Hierarchy of Controls, and what does it have to do with bikes?

Transit for all: On Earth Day, advocates urged the University of Washington to provide all employees with free transit passes to reduce congestion and carbon emissions.

Just 4,000 voted: Who won in the lightly voted-in King County Conservation District elections?

Tech fail: In Kansas, Facebook has been used in the teaching curriculum and it’s not delivering good results ($).

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